Machine Learning

Adversarial Machine Learning: An easy-to-follow introduction to the security issues in Machine Learning.

Reinforcement Learning For The Game Called "Batak": Constructing a game-playing agent using the well-known algorithm. "A3C".


Creating key-pair for the remote server and/or GitHub: Create public-key pair for your remote servers.

Terminal tricks for machine learning researchers: Some of the commands that I use frequently to make my life easier.

Apple scripts

Bash Tutorial: Bash tutorial and frequently used bash scripts.

Git Tutorial: Naive introduction to git and necessary commands.

Matplotlib: Some of matplotlib scripts I use to visualize stuff.

Jupyter Notebook: How to get started and use Jupyter notebook powered by a remote machine.

Tensorboard for Pytorch: Utilize tensorboard to investigate and monitor Pytorch models.

Python (Advanced topics): Advanced topics in python.