Bash Scripting

Bash is shell and command language which helps automize the many processes/scripts in Deep Learning experiments. Here we provide a step by step introduction to bash scripting which is an essential tool for a good Deep Learning researcher.


Let's start with the syntax in general.


The shebang (#!/bin/bash) at the beginning of a script specifies the interpreter to be used when executing the script. The shebang should always be the first line of your script. In this case, /bin/bash is the path to the Bash interpreter.


Comments in Bash scripts begin with a hash symbol (#) and continue to the end of the line. Comments are ignored by the interpreter.

Command Execution

Commands in a Bash script are executed line by line, just as they would be in a terminal. For example:

echo "This line will be displayed."

mkdir new_directory

Check file size:

du -sh /some/folder

-h for the human readable format, -s for grand total size of the folder.

Create a file:


create a folder:

mkdir some/folder/

Delete a file:


delete a folder

rm -r some/

Rename or move a folder:

mv source/directory/ target/directory/

Copy a file:

cp some/folder/ /new/location/

copy a folder:

cp -r some/folder/ /new/location/